25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (2024)

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25+ Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas to get you ready for Halloween! These fun pumpkin painting ideas are great for kids and adults alike! Everyone loves painting pumpkins, and there are so many fun ideas on this list!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (1)

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Cute and Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas

Everyone of all ages will love these fun & easy pumpkin painting ideas for Halloween!

October is here, and now is the time to start planning your pumpkin display! If pumpkin carving has never really been you’re thing, you’re in luck! You can still create an amazing faux pumpkin with paint—no knife required! Create an awesome pumpkin display for indoors or outdoors with these fun and simple methods!

Don’t like to carve pumpkins? These pumpkin painting ideas are super easy and aren’t nearly as time-consuming as carving. Even more importantly, pumpkin painting is a great way for little kids to join in the fun and help make your Halloween decorations since you’re using paintbrushes instead of sharp carving tools.

Take a look through this list of the best pumpkin painting ideas, and see which ones strike a chord with you. You’re sure to find a creative pumpkin you like!

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Halloween Pumpkin Painting Ideas

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (2)

’90s Neon Splatter Painted Pumpkins

These ’90s Neon Splatter Painted Pumpkins from Kailo Chic are a fun and easy-to-make blast from the past! Add a punch of color to your Halloween!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (4)

Neon-Dipped Pumpkins

These Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins from A Night Owl Blog are an awesome and easy way to add some bold color to your Halloween décor!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (5)

Painted Unicorn Pumpkin

This Painted Unicorn Pumpkin from Better Homes & Gardens is super cute! A fun painted pumpkin project that you’ll want to keep long after Halloween (we recommend using a craft pumpkin if you want to keep your creation indefinitely!)!

Pikachu and Pokeball Pokemon Painted Pumpkins

Pikachu and Pokeball Pokemon Painted Pumpkins from Happiness is Homemade: Pokemon fans are going to love our painted Pikachu and Pokeball pumpkins! It’s such a fun way to bring your favorite game to life for the Halloween season!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (7)

Donut Pumpkins

Everyone knows that we LOVE a good donut DIY around here, and these painted Donut Pumpkins from Studio DIY are seriously adorable! All it takes is a little craft paint to make the cutest pumpkins in the patch!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (8)

Emoji Pumpkins

These adorable Emoji Pumpkins from Cutefetti are so fun and easy, and you can create all of your favorite emojis! Which emoji is your favorite? Ours is the one with heart eyes!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (9)

Troll Pumpkins

Troll Pumpkins from Craft Create Cook: Trolls will be popular this upcoming Halloween season thanks to the most recent Trolls movie. But let’s face it; these colorful little creatures with crazy hair are always cute! The faux fur hair looks and feels just like the troll hair from when you were a kid, but if you can’t find faux fur, you could also use tulle instead.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (10)

Sports Painted Pumpkins

How cute are these Sports Painted Pumpkins featured on BHG.com? What a quick and easy way to give your pumpkins some BIG personality!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (11)

Harlequin Painted Pumpkins

Harlequin Painted Pumpkins from DIY Candy: If you’d like your pumpkins to last through November, it’s best to stay away from traditional Halloween décor and use something a little more suited to the entire fall season. These Harlequin painted pumpkins are a great choice!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (12)

Textured Painted Pumpkins

This awesome tutorial from The Country Chic Cottage will teach you a new painting trick and technique to Add Texture to Painted Pumpkins and make them look like cast concrete!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (13)

White Pumpkin Decor

White Pumpkin Decor from Making Manzanita: If you’re looking for something simple to go along with neutral fall décor, try this white pumpkin tutorial (perfect for faux pumpkins that you can reuse year after year!). Paint your family initial, when you were established as a family, a fall saying, or a pretty painted laurel wreath, etc.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (14)

Black and Gold Pumpkins

Black and Gold Pumpkins from As for Me and My Homestead:Another color combination that’s always a classic is black, white, and gold paint. Our favorite is the gold heart on the black and white striped pumpkin, but they’re all lovely.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (15)

Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin

This adorable Ice Cream Cone Pumpkin from Frugal Coupon Living is seriously one of the cutest pumpkin painting ideas EVER! Use a terracotta pot as the “cone” and add a squirt of spray insulation foam for the base of the ice cream scoop – easy peasy!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (16)

Squeeze Paint Pumpkins

Squeeze Paint Pumpkins from Hello, Wonderful: Kids of all ages will have a blast trying their hands at squeeze painting. It’s just like it sounds—squeezing paint over the object you’re painting. There’s no wrong way to do it. Just put paint in coordinating colors in squeeze bottles, and let the squeezing begin. The paint will create unique patterns as it drips down the pumpkin.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (17)

Squeeze Paint Turkey Pumpkin

Squeeze Paint Turkey Pumpkin from Hello, Wonderful: Once Halloween is done, turn those squeeze-painted pumpkins into colorful turkeys by adding a rainbow of tail feathers, a beard, beak, feet, and googly eyes. This turkey sure is looking snazzy!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (18)

Galaxy Pumpkin

These amazing Galaxy Pumpkin from Dream a Little Bigger takes pumpkin painting to the next level by adding lighting elements – SO cool!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (19)

Ghost Handprint Pumpkin

Ghost Handprint Pumpkin from Fun Handprint Art: Painting with handprints is a fun way to get toddlers and preschoolers involved in the Halloween festivities. Turn your toddler’s handprints into a spooky ghost or silly spider printed on the pumpkin.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (20)

Marshmallow Painted Pumpkins

Marshmallow Painted Pumpkins from Glitter on a Dime: This may sound a little crazy, but have you ever painted with marshmallows? They’re perfect for stamping out nice, big polka dots, as you can see here. It’s a terrific art technique for your preschooler to try.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (21)

Painted Pumpkin Lego Heads

Painted Pumpkin Lego Heads from Handmade Charlotte: LEGO fans will think these figure heads are a hoot! These pumpkin ideas are super easy, too, so it’s easy for the kids to do mostly independently. Paint the pumpkin a solid color and grab a paint pen to add the face! Which LEGO face is your favorite?

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (22)

Cactus Painted Pumpkin

Cactus Painted Pumpkin from Craft Create Cook: We love how easy and cute this cactus pumpkin is! Paint the pumpkin green; add pipe cleaner “needles,” and don’t forget some pretty blooms on top. This would be really cute for a southwestern-themed party, too!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (23)

Q-Tip Painted Pumpkins

Q-Tip Painted Pumpkins from Projects with Kids: Exploring different painting techniques with the kids is a fun experience and encourages creative thinking. One of the easiest ways to get young kids involved is using bright colors to make Q-tip painted pumpkins this year. They’re simple enough for all ages and will look cute on your table. It’s best to use small or mini pumpkins with younger children, so that they don’t get overwhelmed with covering it up in dots. Older kids may enjoy making more detailed patterns with Q-tips on larger pumpkins.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (24)

Bat Pumpkin

Bat Pumpkin from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops: This painted pumpkin idea is super easy to implement. Simply use black paint, add some wings made from construction paper, cardstock, or poster board (depending on how big your pumpkin is), and then add googly eyes.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (25)

Green Pumpkins

Green Pumpkins from Gluesticks: Here’s another fun pumpkin idea that’s great for neutral or farmhouse décor, and you can use real or fake pumpkins. If you’re using real pumpkins, you may want to go over the whole pumpkin with a primer first before applying the green paint.

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (26)

Stencil Painted Pumpkins

Stencil Painted Pumpkins from Handmade Charlotte: Use painters tape and stencils to create gorgeous, failproof designs that will really wow. Put your artistic skills to the test and create a floral pumpkin or a geometric pumpkin in lots of different colors! They’ll look amazing on your hearth, table, or outside on your porch. If you don’t have the steadiest hand or just think you’re “not the creative type,” stenciling can really save the day!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (27)

Starry Night Pumpkin

Starry Night Pumpkin from PMQ for Two: This black pumpkin with gold stars looks just like a dark, starry night. It’s incredibly easy to recreate this cute idea, and it’ll look great with almost any Halloween décor. Whether you’re going classic or whimsical, it’ll fit right in!

This collection of pumpkin painting ideas has something for everyone – there are so many creative ways to paint pumpkins! They’re all so much fun! Which idea was your favorite?

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (28)

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Don’t forget to pin these unique pumpkin painting ideas so you’ll have all the ideas you need to create memorable Halloween pumpkins this year!

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Pumpkin Painting Ideas

When it comes to pumpkin painting, there are countless ideas to choose from. Here are some popular and creative pumpkin painting ideas that you can try:

  1. '90s Neon Splatter Painted Pumpkins: This idea brings a blast from the past with vibrant neon colors and splatter paint techniques. It's a fun and easy way to add a punch of color to your Halloween decorations [[1]].

  2. Pop Art Pumpkins: Inspired by the iconic artist Roy Lichtenstein, these pumpkins feature bold, comic book-style designs. They are super cute and simple to create [[2]].

  3. Neon-Dipped Pumpkins: Add a bold and vibrant touch to your Halloween decor with neon-dipped pumpkins. This technique involves dipping the pumpkins in neon paint to create a striking effect [[3]].

  4. Painted Unicorn Pumpkin: This adorable pumpkin features a unicorn design and is perfect for those who love all things magical. It's a fun project that you can keep long after Halloween [[4]].

  5. Pikachu and Pokeball Pokemon Painted Pumpkins: Pokemon fans will love these painted pumpkins featuring Pikachu and Pokeball designs. It's a fantastic way to bring your favorite game to life for the Halloween season [[5]].

  6. Donut Pumpkins: Create the cutest pumpkins in the patch with this donut-inspired painting idea. All you need is some craft paint to transform your pumpkins into delicious-looking donuts [[6]].

  7. Emoji Pumpkins: Express your emotions with these adorable emoji pumpkins. You can create all your favorite emojis using simple painting techniques [[7]].

  8. Troll Pumpkins: Inspired by the popular Trolls movie, these pumpkins feature colorful hair made from faux fur or tulle. They are cute and perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your Halloween decor [[8]].

  9. Sports Painted Pumpkins: Show off your team spirit with these sports-themed painted pumpkins. Whether you're a football fan or a basketball enthusiast, there are endless possibilities for creating personalized sports pumpkins [[9]].

  10. Harlequin Painted Pumpkins: If you want your pumpkins to last beyond Halloween, consider painting them with a harlequin design. This versatile pattern is suitable for the entire fall season [[10]].

These are just a few examples of the many pumpkin painting ideas available. Whether you prefer cute and whimsical designs or bold and artistic creations, there is a pumpkin painting idea out there for everyone.


Pumpkin painting is a fun and creative activity that allows you to personalize your Halloween decorations. From neon splatter paint to pop art designs, there are endless possibilities for transforming ordinary pumpkins into unique works of art. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced painter, these pumpkin painting ideas are sure to inspire your creativity and make your Halloween celebrations even more memorable. So grab your paintbrushes and get ready to have some pumpkin painting fun!

25+ Pumpkin Painting Ideas (2024)


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