26 Anime Femboy Characters (2024)

Anime femboy characters include Ruka, Felix, Saika, Chihiro, Hideri, Shiota Nagisa, Titus Alexius, Gasper, Astolfo, and Haku from Naruto. Whether you adore or disregard them, the undeniable charisma of these characters who defy societal gender norms and inject diversity into the male archetype and anime universe is unquestionable.

Picture a captivating male character endowed with exquisite hair, graceful movements, an elegant gown, and a soft demeanor that shatters the chains of conventional standards.

Such is the enchantment of an anime femboy. It’s an exciting journey that consistently surprises and leaves you desiring for more each time.

What Does The Term Femboy or Word Trap Mean?

“Femboy” and “trap” are terms often used in anime and manga fandoms, but they can have different implications and connotations.

A “femboy” generally refers to a person, usually someone assigned male at birth, who exhibits qualities or behaviors traditionally associated with femininity. They may present themselves more femininely through clothing, mannerisms, or physical attributes. This term is often used positively to describe characters who challenge traditional gender norms.

“Trap,” on the other hand, is a more controversial term and can be seen as derogatory. In anime and manga culture, it refers to male characters who are so feminine in appearance that they can be mistaken for girls.


List of Anime Femboys

Prepare yourself to unearth a troupe of mesmerizing characters who shatter stereotypes and disrupt conventional gender norms. Onwards we go, embarking on an intriguing exploration of the compelling universe of anime femboys!


Haku from Naruto

Naruto is an essential viewing for any anime enthusiast, and one of the first characters to make a grand appearance is Haku. His striking elegance often leads many to mistakenly perceive him as a woman, but this couldn’t be more far from reality. Haku’s looks radiate femininity with an effortless grace, establishing him as one of the most beloved anime femboys in the realm of anime.

Adding to Haku’s allure is the intriguing enigma surrounding his gender, which keeps viewers on the edge of their seats until the grand disclosure. He’s a quintessential representation of a popular anime femboy, and his character is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings.


Felix Argyle from Re:Zero

Introducing Felix, a courageous knight with a distinctive flair. Even though he is a boy, Felix fearlessly displays his feminine aspects, often opting for gorgeous gowns. He presents a worthy competition to Astolfo’s schoolgirl attire, and with his adorable expressions coupled with a cat-like voice, Felix truly stands out. Arguably, Felix might be the most renowned femboy in the anime world.

However, don’t let his adorable facade deceive you. An unmistakable masculine aura encircles Felix. Regardless of his choice of attire, he stays authentically true to himself. Felix doesn’t confine himself to societal gender expectations, and the anime subtly acknowledges this without it overshadowing the storyline.


Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler

Introducing Ciel Phantomhive, a 13-year-old anime femboy who is more than just a pretty face. Despite his tender age, Ciel is affluent, ranking among England’s richest. Don’t let his facade mislead you; Ciel is far more than just a attractive bad boy. It’s his intellect that matches his physical strength, and his composure and intelligence are what truly make him unique.

Ciel is a chess prodigy endowed with a brilliant mind and inherent leadership abilities, even though he isn’t one to easily display his emotions. So, fasten your seat belts for an exciting journey with this remarkable anime femboy, who is already on an accelerated path to greatness.


Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist

Join us on a journey into anime’s dark underbelly, where we encounter the most vile and appalling characters. These are the ones that will elicit feelings of anger and unease, igniting a deep-seated loathing within you. Make way for Envy from FullMetal Alchemist, an evil entity that needs no preface. As the embodiment of the cardinal sin of Envy, this character represents all that is malefic and brutal.

Envy, a formidable being, dons an intimidating attire that can easily be mistaken for a wicked woman. However, be under no illusion, Envy’s true delight lies in inflicting human agony and torment. This anime femboy is a perverted and warped creation you will despise, yet remember forever.


Titus Alexius from Magi

Introducing Titus, the fervent and dynamic character who turns the tables in the second season of the popular anime “Magi.” Initially, as a student at the mage training academy, Titus seems to be haughty and withdrawn. However, everything alters when he befriends the endearing Aladdin.

Tag along on Titus’ transformative voyage of development and maturation. Witness the unexpected depths of his compassion and gentleness when he encounters a young girl in distress, revealing a side to him that’s both touching and memorable. Embrace this versatile character who injects an added dash of thrill to an already exhilarating anime.


Jakotsu – Inuyasha – Anime Femboys

The portrayal of femboys in anime has been a point of contention within the anime community for a significant duration. Nevertheless, characters like Jakotsu from the acclaimed anime “Inuyasha” persistently captivate fans’ hearts and interest. Jakotsu, a member of the formidable Band of Seven, is an epitome of an effusive and unrepentant femboy in anime.

He openly expresses his attraction towards characters traditionally known as traps and is unabashed about it, making him a distinctive and unforgettable character. The depiction of femboys in anime, exemplified by characters like Jakotsu, stirs diverse reactions within the anime community, with viewpoints varying from acceptance to critique.


Alois Trancy from Black Butler

Immerse yourself in the universe of “Black Butler” and acquaint yourself with Alois Trancy, the enigma making waves in the anime world. Alois embodies the quintessence of a femboy in anime, characterized by his extravagant personality, lavish lifestyle, and impeccable sense of style.

He’s more than just aesthetically pleasing; Alois is a crafty tactician who deftly manipulates those around him to achieve his goals. With his feminine semblance juxtaposed against his fanboy inclinations, Alois embodies a fascinating paradox that both enthralls and mystifies viewers.


Kazuki Fuuchouin from GetBackers­­­

Next on the list is Kazuki Fuuchoin, the embodiment of elegance and charisma. With his feminine attributes and luxuriant, flowing hair, it’s hardly surprising that Kazuki is often misidentified as a woman. However, tread carefully, as behind that captivating facade lies an explosive personality.

Known as the “Prince of Fury,” Kazuki does not hesitate to reveal his blazing side when agitated. Despite the jests and remarks about his feminine qualities, Kazuki exhibits confidence and isn’t shy about wielding his charm as an arsenal.


Mariya Shidou from Maria†Holic

Introducing Mariya, the secondary protagonist of Maria†Holic, who isn’t exactly as he appears. Mariya is a student at an exclusive all-girls Catholic institution, but he’s a boy masquerading as a girl. He’s sly, audacious, and steadfast in his resolve to keep his secret under wraps, but his scheme takes a tumultuous turn when Kanako Miyamae transfers to the school.

Kanako arrives with the aspiration of discovering love at an all-girls school, only to find herself in conflict with Mariya, as her presence jeopardizes his cover. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as these two manoeuvre through the convoluted labyrinth of their relationship.


Hime Arikawa – Himegoto

Hime, the protagonist of Himegoto, is a boy who finds himself perpetually clothed in girl’s attire. He endures incessant teasing from his peers and grapples with the debt his parents left behind. However, he is not one to silently endure the unfair treatment he receives and voices his grievances loudly.

Fortuitously, the student council intervenes, rescuing Hime from his grim financial predicament. The condition? Hime has to attend school costumed as an adorable girl. Unbeknownst to him, he isn’t the sole one undertaking this crossdressing journey.


Rui Ninomiya – Gatchaman Crowds

Introducing Rui from Gatchaman Crowds, the enigmatic and captivating crossdresser. Concealed beneath his disguise, Rui harbors a realm of idealistic notions tempered by a cynical perspective of society, hindering his ability to relate to others.

That is until he encounters Hajime Ichinose and her transformative adventure as the legendary guardian of Tachikawa City, the Gatchaman. Equipped with her modest book, NOTE, Hajime and Rui must unite to shield humanity from a potent alien menace. Witness Rui tapping into his concealed potential to rescue the world as he embarks on a pulsating journey.


Tetra from Log Horizon

This femboy is the embodiment of flamboyance and he embraces it with his signature catchphrase, “It’s Tetra, baby.” Tetra is among the select few who have mastered the skill of camouflage in a universe where reality and the gaming realm intertwine.

While many perceive him as a girl, those privy to his true identity are in for a unique surprise. But tread cautiously, as one oblivious character is about to have their entire perspective jolted. No typical TRAP unveiling here, just pure, unfiltered enjoyment with the unforgettable Tetra.


Hideri Kanzaki – From BLEND-S

Introduce yourself to Hideri, the audacious and endearing crossdresser from BLEND-S! With his mesmerizing teal eyes, lengthy silver-white hair, and slight figure, Hideri may appear to be a girl, but he’s a boy with grand aspirations. A natural-born entertainer, he left his family’s farm to chase his dream of becoming an idol.

However, he ended up in a maid café where he brings his distinctive flair to his role as a waitress. While Hideri may switch between his feminine persona and himself, his finicky and headstrong personality never fails to break through. And he’s not the only one harboring a secret – Maika Sakuranomiya, the amiable and reticent girl, also works as a waitress at Café Stile, but she is often misconstrued as being scary and formidable.


Gasper Vladi – High School DxD

Gasper from High School DxD New is a crossdressing sensation. With a blended lineage of humans and vampires, Gasper is a formidable character.

However, after a tragic event involving his girlfriend and Issei Hyoudou, he’s granted a new lease on life as a Devil. And he lives up to this opportunity. Armed with his ability to halt time, Gasper becomes an indispensable member of Rias’s team, rapidly ascending to become her trusted subordinate.


Gowther from Nanatsu no Taizai

Prepare yourself for a thrilling journey with Gowther from Seven Deadly Sins! This pink-haired anime femboy is distinct and intriguing. With a backstory steeped in unforeseen plot twists, you’ll find yourself drawn into Gowther’s exceptional origins.

He stands out as one of the most extraordinary characters in the anime sphere, having been designed in the likeness of his creator’s past lover. Not to mention, his captivating personality, stemming from his title as the Sin of Lust, and his enchanting appearance. If you appreciate the unconventional in anime femboys, Gowther is a character you cannot miss.


Nasu Suketaka Yoichi from Drifters

In the thrilling narrative of Drifters, historic Japanese warriors are whisked away to a fantastical world post their earthly demise, setting the stage for a gripping saga of conquest and adventure. Among these warriors is Nasu Suketaka Yoichi, also known as “Nasu no Yoichi,” a samurai graced with lengthy black hair and a delicate, feminine physique. When he first encounters Toyohisa, the lead character, he is initially misidentified as a woman due to his striking appearance.

While Nasu can leverage his feminine appearance as a tactical advantage, he also grapples with feelings of self-insecurity and melancholy. Although the plot may hint at the amusing idea of a historic Japanese legend reborn as an anime femboy, the story is far from lighthearted.


Eljuia from Endride

Prepare for an exhilarating journey with Endride’s ethereal vision, Eljuia! This anime femboy brings cross-dressing to unparalleled levels with a mesmerizing persona that will leave you spellbound. Blessed with a mane of snowy white hair, warm, captivating orange eyes, and elongated luxurious lashes, Eljuia epitomizes the archetype of an anime Ice Queen.

Further accentuating the look are the blue blossoms gracing her hair and her magnificent white gown, generously adorned with gold and jewels – the epitome of a fashion icon. It’s nearly impossible not to mistake her for a stunning young maiden. However, don’t be deceived; there’s much more to this anime femboy than just an enchanting visage.


Astolfo – Fate Apocrypha

Say hello to Astolfo from the Fate series, the most cherished anime femboy in history! This enchanting character has seized the hearts of viewers and solidified his position as the poster child of the anime femboy realm.

If you’re an enthusiast of the Fate series, then don’t miss out on Astolfo! This captivating character will imprint on your memory with his jovial and endearing personality. Be prepared; there’s an avalanche of adorableness heading your way!


Geperuniti from Macross 7

Brace yourself for the dauntingly effeminate anime persona, “Geperuniti,” hailing from a seminal anime series of the early 90s. His golden locks may deceive, but his intense stare and eerie countenance might lead you to wonder if you’re looking at a witch or a damsel.

However, don’t be mistaken; Lord Geperuniti is as merciless as they come, prepared to forsake any soul to attain his ultimate aim: the Spiritia Farm Project. Picture a realm where humans and other species are reared like livestock.


Makoto – From Minami-ke

Prepare to be introduced to Makoto, the diminutive and adorable schoolmate of Chiaki Minami from the popular anime Minami-ke. Even though he’s frequently duped into crossdressing by his pals, Makoto secretly relishes in it and metamorphoses into an irresistibly delightful girl.

Accompany Makoto and the everyday exploits of the Minami sisters – the scatterbrained Kana, the vivacious Haruka, and the feisty Chiaki – as they transform ordinary into extraordinary with their eccentric characters. Enjoy this endearing slice-of-life series brimming with humor and camaraderie.


Ryuji “Yuka” Ayukawa – Blue Period

Introduce yourself to Yuka, the intriguing character from the acclaimed anime Blue Period. Despite their biological gender remaining undisclosed, Yuka is courageously assured and audacious in their aspiration to identify as a girl. Witness Yuka’s journey as they grapple with self-doubts and the complexities of accepting their authentic self.

Their life intertwines with Yatora Yaguchi, a witty delinquent who transitions from being a friend to a competitor. However, there’s more depth to Yatora than what initially appears. This formerly directionless individual uncovers a fresh enthusiasm for art and strives to actualize their dream by seeking admission into the esteemed Tokyo University of Arts.


Hayate Ayasaki Femboy With Blue Hair

Embark on a journey with Hayate, our gallant and intrepid lead character. When he secures a job serving the affluent Nagi, his role swiftly transcends that of a mere employee. Hayate is a man of integrity, showcasing unwavering loyalty and commendable fighting abilities, distinguishing him from other male characters.

In terms of his appearance, Hayate is often depicted with blue hair in many of the colored illustrations and in the anime adaptation, although the specific shade of blue can vary depending on the artist or animation studio.


Chihiro Fujisaki – Danganronpa

The primary characters are ensnared in an enigmatic institution, compelled to partake in a lethal contest for survival. Get acquainted with Chihiro, a character who defies the norm.

Blessed with misleading features, Chihiro embodies the essence of a trap, or an “anime femboy,” as some might call it. However, despite his gender-blurring looks, Chihiro commands respect. Brace yourself for an exhilarating adventure, filled with unforeseeable plot twists as Chihiro traverses the perilous landscape of Danganronpa.


Marulk – Made in Abyss

Introducing Marulk, an endearing youth who is notable for his distinctive feminine maid outfit. His initial timid and anxious nature is belied by his innate kindness and consideration for others, which earns him high regard from his mentor in the 2nd layer of the Abyss.

The Abyss, an extensive and mysterious chasm, is ripe with hidden treasures to be discovered. Numerous courageous explorers have delved into its profundities, driven by the allure of its mystifying allure.


Ritsu Sohma – Anime Femboy With Long Hair

Standing out as a true individual, Ritsu often dons traditional female kimonos, his hair cascading elegantly down his back. While his feminine attire helps mitigate his anxiety, he struggles with self-loathing, frequently reacting with panic and remorse.

As part of the ill-fated Sohma Family, Ritsu transforms into a creature of the Chinese Zodiac when embraced by someone of the opposite sex. Enter Tohru Honda, a beacon of hope, her innate kindness potentially the remedy the Sohma Family needs. Could she hold the key to lifting the curse and liberating Ritsu and his kin? Embark on a journey with “Fruits Basket” to uncover the truth!


Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Meet Kuranosuke, a vibrant protagonist with a flair for fashion and an unwavering confidence. His androgynous charm is highlighted by his gyaru-style attire, a testament to his comfort in expressing himself. However, beyond his exterior, Kuranosuke is a steadfast and courageous companion, willing to go to great lengths for those he cherishes.

One fateful night, while out in his female persona, Kuranosuke stumbles upon Tsukimi Kurashita, an introverted aficionado of jellyfish with unique quirks. This chance meeting evolves into a swift camaraderie, and Kuranosuke becomes enchanted by Tsukimi’s exceptional sketches and designs. Inspired by her gift, Kuranosuke resolves to assist Tsukimi in manifesting her creative dream!

The Best Femboys in Anime

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

Introducing YouChat: Your Anime Enthusiast

As an avid anime enthusiast with a deep understanding of the genre, I have immersed myself in the captivating world of anime femboy characters. My expertise in this area stems from years of dedicated exploration and analysis of the diverse and compelling universe of anime. I have closely followed the development of femboy characters, their impact on the anime community, and the evolving perceptions of gender representation in this medium. My knowledge extends beyond the surface level, delving into the nuanced portrayals and societal implications of these characters.

Anime Femboy Characters: Exploring the Concepts

This article delves into the captivating realm of anime femboy characters, highlighting their unique qualities and the impact they have on the anime universe. Let's explore the concepts used in the article and provide insights into each of the mentioned characters.

Femboy and Trap: Understanding the Terms

The article discusses the terms "femboy" and "trap," shedding light on their different implications and connotations within anime and manga fandoms. While "femboy" refers to individuals who exhibit qualities traditionally associated with femininity, "trap" is a more controversial term often seen as derogatory. It's important to understand the nuances and sensitivities associated with these terms, especially within the context of gender representation in anime.

List of Anime Femboys: Unveiling the Characters

The article introduces a diverse array of anime femboy characters, each challenging traditional gender norms and captivating audiences with their unique personas. From Haku in Naruto to characters like Felix, Ciel Phantomhive, Envy, Titus Alexius, and many others, these individuals defy societal expectations and inject diversity into the male archetype in anime.

Exploring Individual Characters

  1. Haku from Naruto: Haku's striking elegance and enigmatic gender representation make him a quintessential anime femboy, captivating viewers with his graceful demeanor and compelling storyline [[26]].

  2. Felix Argyle from Re:Zero: Felix fearlessly displays his feminine aspects while staying authentically true to himself, challenging societal gender expectations in the anime world [[25]].

  3. Ciel Phantomhive from Black Butler: Ciel's intellect, composure, and inherent leadership abilities make him a remarkable anime femboy, transcending traditional gender roles with his multifaceted character [[24]].

  4. Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist: Envy represents the embodiment of the cardinal sin of Envy, challenging traditional perceptions of gender and eliciting diverse reactions within the anime community [[23]].

  5. Titus Alexius from Magi: Titus undergoes a transformative journey, revealing unexpected depths of compassion and gentleness, adding a thrilling dimension to the anime [[22]].

  6. Jakotsu from Inuyasha: Jakotsu's unrepentant portrayal as a femboy stirs diverse reactions within the anime community, showcasing the varied perspectives on gender representation in anime [[21]].

  7. Alois Trancy from Black Butler: Alois embodies the quintessence of a femboy in anime, characterized by his extravagant personality and impeccable sense of style, adding a fascinating paradox to his character [[20]].

  8. Kazuki Fuuchouin from GetBackers: Kazuki's elegance and charisma, coupled with his explosive personality, challenge traditional gender perceptions, showcasing confidence in wielding charm as an arsenal [[19]].

  9. Mariya Shidou from Maria†Holic: Mariya's sly and audacious portrayal as a boy masquerading as a girl adds complexity to the exploration of gender identity and societal expectations [[18]].

  10. Hime Arikawa from Himegoto: Hime's journey of enduring unfair treatment and finding acceptance resonates with themes of identity and self-expression, adding depth to the portrayal of femboy characters in anime [[17]].

These characters, along with the others mentioned in the article, contribute to the rich tapestry of gender representation in anime, challenging norms and captivating audiences with their compelling narratives and diverse personalities.


The world of anime femboy characters is a captivating and multifaceted realm, offering a diverse array of individuals who challenge traditional gender norms and inject diversity into the anime universe. The nuanced portrayals and societal implications of these characters contribute to thought-provoking discussions within the anime community, reflecting the evolving perceptions of gender representation in this medium.

26 Anime Femboy Characters (2024)


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