Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (2024)

My cutest Valentine drawing ideas for kids will help them learn how to draw everything from Roses to hearts! Each comes with a simple tutorial suitable for beginners and the youngest artists! If you want to know what to draw for Valentines Day look no further!!

These Valentine art projects are for children of all ages, who want to show some love on February 14th or anytime of the year for that matter!!

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What to Draw for Valentines Day – It’s not all about Roses!

My children love to draw so I always try and get them some themed drawing ideas for every season of the year! Obviously we have a great collection of animal drawing ideas which can be done all year long but it’s nice to have something different for special days!

List of things you might want to draw for February 14th

1 Heart – symbol of love after all

When we think of ideas for easy Valentine drawings the first thing that comes to mind is a heart! There are lots of easy heart drawings online. Of course we all want to know how to draw a perfect heart. You can use a free stencil from various websites and then trace over it. You might want to add a smiley face or an arrow through it.

My heart coloring pages provide lots of simple heart pictures to copy too. See one of my favorites below; they are very easy to copy. I recommend these as one thing to draw on a Valentine card.

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2) Bunch of Hearts Drawing

Take these hearts further and instead of drawing a bouquet of flowers, do one with hearts instead! I would use the picture above for some inspiration.

Draw them in different sizes, maybe add some polka dots to some, squiggly lines and smiley faces and stars!! Don’t forgot to add stems so that they look like heart shaped flowers!! I would put these in a square shape pot to make it easier.

I’m actually going to do this particular Valentine drawing idea with my daughter later so will let you know what ours looks like!

3) Roses – much cheaper than buying a bunch

I love my easy rose drawing tutorial as it looks fabulous, does not wilt and best of all is free! You could easily add a sweet Valentine message below. Leave it black and white, or color it red. Of course you can always color it pink as it is a common rose color also.

A cute teddy bear – all girls love getting a small teddy as a Valentine’s Day gift

You can draw almost any cute animal with a heart and this would make a great Valentine’s Day drawing! I know I have some dolphins with hearts on my site!! Grab your tracing paper and make it your own!

Art Projects for Kids has an adorable teddy bear drawing shown below. I actually love this site as it has super duper cute drawing tutorials!

Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (4)

In my opinion this is a simple Valentine drawing sketch which kids as young as 7 could follow!

4) Love Bugs Drawings

We have all heard of these and they are hugely popular during February!! These look great and are very simple to sketch, even without instructions.

If you don’t want to draw one then make one with my cute love bug toilet roll craft

Valentine Art Projects Ideas

A box of chocolates – we all love chocolates

Cupcakes with hearts drawings

Heart balloons floating in the sky or a rainbow with lots of hearts, or a combination of the two!

How about a heart shaped house, it could have a heart door, heart windows, etc.

More Valentine Drawing Ideas

Why not encourage older kids to do some Valentine sketches. They could draw a girl and a boy holding a heart. Maybe they may draw a vase of roses or a heart and write a lovely message inside. The possibilities are endless!

The Valentine art projects and drawings below would be recommended for older kids as there is much more detail to them!

How about this adorable Baby Yoda Valentine Drawing Idea from Art Projects for Kids. It’s the perfect idea for Star Wars fans who want to sketch!

Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (5)

Cupid Valentines Doodles

I love these cute drawing videos which show you how to create your own cupid. If you would rather make one then feel free to try and make my toilet roll cupid craft

More Valentine Art Videos – Cute Valentine Drawing Video Tutorials

How adorable is this jar of hearts?! Lots of lovely red and pink hearts stored together in a jar!

Pokemon fans will absolutely love this Valentine idea!! How cute is it?!!

Alas my daughter’s favorite Valentine drawing ever, apparently! Yep it’s Valentine Stitch drawing. Disney fans everywhere will love this one!!

Show your easy Valentine Drawings off

Why not use your completed sketches and doodles on the front of a Valentine’s Day card to friends and family! Everyone will be so impressed by your artist talent.

If you would rather make your own card using a printable template then feel free to check out my cute heart pop up card or my paper rose card.

Maybe you might want something simpler, if so you can try my rose coloring pages. These may even give you some ideas for how to draw your own. Little kids will also enjoy my heart coloring pages

Which of these Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids will you do?

Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (6)

Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (7)

Crafty Critters

Hi there, I’m Laura an avid kids crafter with two little ones of my own to keep entertained! I have been doing kids crafts since 2018! Here at Easy Crafts for Kids you can find seasonal crafts for all age groups, as well as drawing tutorials, coloring pages and some other fun printables!

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast in the field of kids' crafts, I am thrilled to share with you my knowledge and expertise in creating the cutest Valentine drawing ideas for kids. With my experience in crafting and my in-depth knowledge of various art concepts, I am confident in providing you with valuable information to help your children learn how to draw everything from roses to hearts.

Valentine's Day is a wonderful occasion for children to express their creativity and show some love. Whether it's February 14th or any other time of the year, these Valentine art projects are suitable for children of all ages. I believe that it's important to provide themed drawing ideas for every season, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

When it comes to easy Valentine drawings, the first thing that comes to mind is a heart. There are plenty of simple heart drawings available online, and you can even use a free stencil to trace over for a perfect heart shape. You can add your own touch to the heart by incorporating a smiley face or an arrow through it. Additionally, my heart coloring pages provide easy-to-copy heart pictures that are perfect for Valentine cards.

Taking the concept of hearts further, instead of drawing a bouquet of flowers, you can create a bunch of hearts. Draw hearts in different sizes and add details like polka dots, squiggly lines, smiley faces, and stars. Don't forget to add stems to make them look like heart-shaped flowers. You can arrange these hearts in a square-shaped pot to make it visually appealing.

Roses are often associated with Valentine's Day, and drawing them can be a beautiful way to express love. I have a simple rose drawing tutorial that is both fabulous and cost-effective, as it doesn't wilt like real roses. You can leave it black and white or color it red or pink, which is a common rose color.

A cute teddy bear with a heart is another great Valentine's Day drawing idea. You can draw almost any cute animal and incorporate a heart to make it a perfect Valentine's Day gift. There are various drawing tutorials available online, and you can use tracing paper to create your own unique version.

Love bugs are also popular during February, and they are incredibly simple to sketch, even without instructions. If you prefer not to draw one, you can make a cute love bug using my toilet roll craft tutorial.

Other Valentine art project ideas include drawing a box of chocolates, cupcakes with heart drawings, heart balloons floating in the sky or a rainbow with lots of hearts, and even a heart-shaped house with heart-shaped doors and windows.

For older kids, I encourage them to explore more complex Valentine sketches. They can draw a girl and a boy holding a heart, a vase of roses, or a heart with a lovely message inside. The possibilities are endless, and it's a great way to challenge their artistic skills.

If you're looking for more inspiration, there are adorable Valentine drawing videos available that teach you how to create your own cupid or make a cute jar of hearts. Pokemon fans will also love a Valentine idea featuring their favorite characters, and Disney fans can try their hand at drawing Valentine Stitch.

Once your drawings are complete, why not use them on the front of a Valentine's Day card for your friends and family? Your artistic talent will surely impress everyone. If you prefer making your own card, I have printable templates for a cute heart pop-up card or a paper rose card. And for little kids, they can enjoy coloring my heart coloring pages, which may even inspire them to create their own drawings.

I hope these cutest Valentine drawing ideas for kids will bring joy and creativity to your children's crafting sessions. Feel free to explore my website, Easy Crafts for Kids, where you can find seasonal crafts, drawing tutorials, coloring pages, and other fun printables. Let's unleash the creativity in your little ones and have a fantastic Valentine's Day celebration!

Cutest Valentine Drawing Ideas for Kids (2024)


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